Working together while worlds apart.


Meet the Author


Jessie Stevens is a reader who can’t stop writing. A one-time vegetable farmer and full time poultry rancher, Jessie started telling stories to stave off the insanity of motherhood. Regularly seen on her blog Behind The Willows, “What if Butterflies Loved Snow” is her first collaboration with Madhawi Karaya. She lives in an apple orchard near the village of Cambridge, Wisconsin.

Meet the Artist


Madhawi Karaya (better knows as Tooks) is an eclectic illustrator with an affinity for robots. A one-time student in the field of entrepreneurship, Tooks became a professional artist when she realized she couldn’t imagine living life without also drawing it. “What if Butterflies Loved Snow” is her first collaboration with Jessie Stevens. She lives in the town of Utrecht in the Netherlands and divides her extra time between her homelands of Suriname and India.h

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